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4 Amazing Mobile App Startups You’ll Be Hearing More Of

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Whether we’re using apps for business purposes, education, or purely for entertainment, these days we’re spending more time enjoying mobile apps than we spend surfing the Web. In fact, a recent Flurry study found the average U.S. consumer spends nearly three hours per day on their phone, and 86 percent of that time they’re using an app.

It’s no surprise that the smartphone app developers industry has grown by nearly 50 percent over the last four years, and with mobile app startups like the four we’re featuring leading the way, this hot industry shows no signs of cooling off. Comment below and tell us which startup you’re most fascinated with.

1. projekt202

Honored as number 161 on the prestigious Inc. 500 list of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies, projekt202 is earning a stellar reputation.

Specializing in user experience strategy, projekt202 has been working for nearly a decade to perfect design and development for Internet, desktop and mobile applications. With a three year growth rate of 2,436 percent and clients like Expedia, PayPal, Microsoft, and Samsung they’re clearly doing something right.

David Lancashire, Chairman and CEO of the burgeoning app development startup attributes the company’s success to its pioneering approach. He says “By observing people in their everyday environments, we are able to uncover the reality of their needs and desires. In turn, this allows us to incorporate these new found ‘truths’ into our solutions – whether they be on the web, a smart phone, or in the workplace.”

2. Cotap

Cotap is obsessed with communication, and that’s a good thing. Founded on the belief that communication is the hub of a productive workforce, Cotap is on a mission to provide everyone from the “breakroom to the boardroom” with a simple and secure mobile messaging solution.

Founded one year ago by Jim Patterson and Zack Parker, the startup’s first app was launched in October 2013. The app allows users to send one-to-one messages, and it’s perfect for teams too. No more swapping phone numbers or losing a message in your overloaded email inbox. Best yet, Cotap keeps your work and personal messages separate. Fast, easy to use and secure, Cotap is rebuilding corporate communication.

3. AppMesh

If you’re a sales professional you’re going to love SalesMesh. That’s because this powerful mobile-only app was developed with your specific needs in mind.

In addition to integrating with productivity apps to make your day even more organized and fruitful, SalesMesh also automatically capture notes so when you’re talking with a prospect you’re armed with all the data you need. It also puts calendar, contact and to-do lists into one convenient agenda box. And when your there’s an opening in your agenda, the app will automatically populate it with an items from your to-do list. SalesMesh syncs across all of your devices, and you can access SalesMesh information when you’re online or offline. You can use SalesMesh on an individual level, or for teams of up to 5 people.

AppMesh was founded two years ago by veterans Tom Tobin and Leo Tenenblat. The startup is based in San Francisco.

4. Workspot

Founded less than two years ago, it hasn’t taken Workspot long to earn an abundance amazing press for its tech innovations, but it also deserves recognition for offering phenomenal employee perks.

Capitalizing on the growing mobile workforce trend, Workspot offers a Workspace-as-a-Service solution that gives businesses of any size the freedom to offer employees access to core business apps and data on their personal mobile devices. Workspot provides security without the need for additional data center software installations, plus it offers users a seamless experience that clean and intuitive. As BYOD continues to boom and balancing user freedom with compliance becomes even more complex, we’re sure we’ll be hearing more from Workspot.

Boasting fantastic growth rates, prestigious press and impressive innovations, these four mobile app startups are all noteworthy, but we’d like to know: Which one excites you the most?

Alexia Chianis

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