5 Ways Email List Segmentation Can Boost Engagement

email list segmentation

Email list segmentation is one of the most powerful tools for improving results in email marketing.

By filtering your list to focus on subscribers with specific traits, you can approach them with more targeted marketing.

Large lists will certainly benefit from segmentation, but smaller lists can benefit as well. Because you can do more than one segmentation at a time, you can dramatically increase the responsiveness of your list in a short time.

Here are five ways to make your email list more responsive with segmentation.

1. Get new subscribers.

New subscribers are the babies of your email list. Segmentation can help them grow up into loyal clients. Choose a threshold to determine “newness.” Target these people with useful, friendly content and outstanding offers.

Make sure they are thoroughly oriented, and treat them with special care to show them much you truly appreciate their subscription. Keep them clicking on your messages with outstanding content and offers.

2. Sell more of what your customers already buy.

Segment list members by their buying habits, and you can sell them more of what they already buy. Offering discounts on items they buy frequently, or on related items, is a simple way to encourage more purchases of familiar items. Also consider upsells such as discounted upgrades or options. Use your knowledge of their buying history to make good customers even better.

3. Make top spenders even more loyal.

Customers who frequently buy your highest-end products, or who regularly buy in large quantities, need as much care as your new subscribers. This can come in the form of discounts on top-tier items, free gifts, more personalized service, or discounted access to boutique items in low supply.

Segment those who spend above a high threshold of your choice, and target them with offers underlining the fact they are a special class of customer.

4. Get engaged subscribers more engaged.

Create a segment made up of your most highly active subscribers, and try sending them a higher volume of email; they’ve proven they enjoy your content or offers.

However, don’t skimp on quality. Retain the high standards that helped you win their loyalty in the first place. And because these are your most eager content consumers, shower them with shareable content. Include social buttons in the email to make sharing easy and to increase viral potential.

5. Reactivate inactive subscribers.

Inevitably, every list has some subscribers who haven’t opened a message for some time. Rather than sending them the same messages everyone gets, use segmentation to give yourself a better shot at reactivating them. Select a cutoff date to determine inactivity. Target this segment with messages and subject lines meant to reawaken a flagging interest. Make offers truly stimulating, or provide content that’s bracing and invigorating.

Email list segmentation uses the customer data you already have to greatly enhance the effectiveness of your email marketing. By sending more targeted messages to your subscribers, you can be assured your communications will be more appreciated. It will also help keep your messages out of the spam folder. That’s important, because getting messages flagged for spam has a cumulative effect on your email deliverability.

If you aren’t segmenting, you’re treating your entire list alike. But they aren’t. Each member has his or her own reasons for signing up, different buying habits, and a different history. Segmentation can address these differences and put you in a better position to win customer loyalty.

Jess Alexander

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