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5 Ways to Promote Your Made in America Brand

How to make it known your product in made in the USA

If you’re a small business owner who sells products made in America, you’re fortunate because consumers generally prefer purchasing products made on their home turf rather than buying ones assembled overseas. In fact, a study conducted by Harris Interactive reveals the majority of Americans feel it’s “important” or “very important” to buy products made in the U.S.A.

With the 4th of July tomorrow, there’s no better time to evaluate how you market your American made products and brainstorm new ways of capitalizing on the unique selling proposition made in the U.S.A. offers.

Here are five made in America marketing tips to get your wheels turning.

1. Be Honest and Specific

Unfortunately, Americans are used to the fact that the majority of products they buy are made in another country. The good news is, “Made in America” is now selling point that can set your small business apart from the competition. When packaging and marketing your American made product it’s critical that you’re honest and specific about to what extent the item is made in America. For example, is the product assembled in the U.S. with foreign parts or are the parts also made in America?

2. Tell the Consumer Why

Don’t hesitate to tell consumers why buying an American made product is better than purchasing one made overseas. For example, items made in other countries might be assembled by severely underpaid workers or children who work in unsafe conditions. But American workers are protected by strict labor laws that help ensure fair pay and a safe working environment. Buying American made products also keeps your friends and neighbors employed, and that’s good for the U.S. economy. Plus, American made products don’t travel as far from manufacturing facility to the store shelf, which helps reduces the product’s environmental impact.

4. Use Social Media to Share Stories

Social media is a fantastic platform for sharing stories about where your products are made, and giving your audience a behind the scenes look into the lives of the people who make them. Whether you post a short interview with a factory worker on YouTube, or create a Pinterest board featuring your company’s American suppliers, social media gives you the opportunity to reinforce your company’s made in America mantra. Take a look at how the Beekman Boys use social media to tout their made in the U.S.A. brand.

5. Have Pride in Your American-made Status

From your website to social media and packaging to promotions, every marketing outlet should highlight the fact that you sell made in America products. It’s important that your American made message is clear and consistent across every channel. If you work with retailers be sure they are aware that your products are produced in the U.S. so they can pass this important information along to their customers.

You may also want to consider listing your products on websites that feature American made products. Here are a few to explore:

Made Collection
The Made Collection groups finely crafted American made products by theme. Products are offered at a discounted rate, for a limited time period.

Made Here in America
The Made Here in America website provides a manufacturer’s directory of products made in the U.S. Items range from boasting supplies to pet products and descriptions include the location where the product was made and what percent of the product was made in America.

The Continuous Lean: The American List
Targeting a younger consumer, hip, stylish and cool are just a few words that describe the American made products you’ll find on The Continuous Lean: The American List.

As a small business owner making or selling American made products, the 4th of July is an ideal opportunity to exploit your unique selling proposition. Use our tips to get started and turn “Made in the U.S.A.” into a competitive advantage that set your business apart from the pack year round.

Alice Williams

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