Customize Gmail to give your Business a Boost

Customize Gmail for Business

There are many Gmail customization options to give the SMB a more professional look, letting their brand compete with the larger enterprise-level organizations who enjoy the luxury of their own graphics arts department. Email with a professional appearance is especially vital for small firms trying to get a leg up on the competition. Using email to make cold calls means that someone’s first impression of a company is likely to come from reading their email, which is all the more reason to put the extra effort into making emails stand out.

Gmail customization can be as simple as an effective signature with all the relevant contact information, a company logo, and a catchy slogan. More elaborate options are also available that allow the graphic design of emails with headers and footers using photos, logos, and more. Let’s take a look at what’s possible.

Signature Customization in Gmail

Gmail’s signature editor allows for a decent variety of content, including links, images, as well as different font types, colors and sizes. The signature editor is accessed by clicking on the “gear” button on the top right of the Gmail interface. Select “settings” and then scroll down until the editor appears.

Using the signature editor is a breeze for anyone who knows how to use a word processor. Each signature should contain the obvious contact information at a minimum: name, title, email address (using a mailto: link), and phone number. Adding the company logo is also recommended for improving brand recognition; note that the image needs to be publicly available on the Internet — uploading images isn’t possible.

For small businesses with multiple “send mail as” addresses, it is possible to create different signatures for each email under the same account. This option is especially effective when it is necessary to create a specific signature to target a certain market.

More Elaborate Gmail Customization

Businesses with a desire to create elaborate emails that contain attractive headers and footers need to check out the capabilities of Flashissue. This is a paid service that integrates within Gmail with pricing that ranges from $5 to $45 per month depending the size of the email contact list. There is also a free plan better suited for personal use as it doesn’t allow for any branding of emails.

Flashissue offers a host of features suitable for the SMB, including the managing of targeted email programs, inclusion of web-based content within email, and an analytics-based report engine. All pricing plans include an unlimited amount of emails every month. Interested businesses can try out the service for free before signing up for a paid plan.

The built-in drag and drop editor allows the easy creation of attractive, professional-looking emails. The web-based interface actually runs within Gmail and also works like a word processor or even a WordPress editor. It is possible to add image-laden headers and footers to use on every email, and graphics and web-based content can be inserted within the email text itself.

Any SMB who takes their email marketing seriously needs to customize Gmail using a service like Flashissue to get the most impact from their email efforts. Companies who don’t want to pay for a monthly service need to at least ensure they use Gmail’s signature creation capability to make sure their business provides the right contact information along with publicizing their logo and brand.

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