6 Tips for Growing Your Email Subscriber List

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Your company’s email list is one of your most valuable marketing assets. Unlike social media sites, email marketing provides you with a direct link to your customers. Your messages are never diluted by algorithm changes or by platforms disappearing. Good email marketing builds relationships with your customers, helps increase sales, and provides a good forum to share your expertise.

Here’s what you need to know to grow your company’s email list.

1. Choose professional software.

Email marketing programs are the best way to manage your mailing list and contacts. A good package will include an automatic signup and verification processes to keep you in compliance with federal email marketing laws. Many packages also offer customized templates, statistics tracking, and the ability to manually add and delete users. Software to consider includes AWeber, MailChimp, and Constant Contact.

2. Include a signup on your website.

Businesses commonly make one mistake when growing their lists. They make it difficult to join. Your homepage should have a highly visible, one-step sign up for your mailing list. Ideally the copy next to the signup should flag the benefits of your content. If possible, secondary and landing pages should feature signups as well.

3. Offer an incentive to join.

It’s common practice to offer a bonus to encourage customers to give you their email addresses. Examples of incentives include a free report, case study, or video course. The content accomplishes two things. It’s a great way to intrigue people to take action, and it showcases your highest quality content. When choosing the subject matter, go after a topic that speaks directly to your customers’ most urgent concerns. Spend a little extra to make sure that the content is professionally written, edited, designed, and presented.

4. Create a regular schedule.

Finding the right frequency for sending your mailings is both an art and a science. There’s no right or wrong answer. Some businesses mail their list every day; others send materials monthly. Be realistic about how often your customers want to hear from you, and determine how often you can write informative and desirable content.

5. Focus on delivering value.

Every email you send to your list should be considered useful and insightful by your customers. There are several ways to deliver value. One is to help them save money. This could be in the form of a coupon, discount, or notice of a sale. Another way to create value is by sharing information. If you know what problems, issues, or questions your audience has, use your email marketing to answer those. Short articles, videos, or podcasts don’t take long to create but can solidify your relationship with your customers.

6. Send exclusive content.

Another strategy for getting people to subscribe is by offering priority materials directly to your list. For example, if you regularly post videos on your website, you could also send the written transcriptions to your readers. A different approach would be to create blog posts, interviews with industry professionals, or other valuable material and send that to your email list a couple of weeks before you post to your blog. The potential is endless, but the idea is to give subscribers to your list a better level of access to your expertise.

Investing time into creating and nurturing an email list is a great idea for your business. Email marketing has high conversion rates and builds relationships with customers who turn prospects into buyers. Ensure you’re using the right tools, creating great content, and making it easy for people to sign up. Your email marketing efforts will have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Liz Alton

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