8 Ways to Create an Email Newsletter That Gets Read and Shared

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One of the most inexpensive, yet effective, ways to market your company is to send an email newsletter. You can create a positive impression by including a variety of information that engages and informs the reader. The following points will help you construct an effective newsletter.

1. Sell the Subject Line
The subject line should have a compelling title that will attract the reader’s attention. Most people get a plethora of emails each day, many of which go unopened. The subject line can help entice the recipient to open your newsletter, so making it compelling and interesting helps make that happen. For example, if you sell insurance, you might write the following subject line: “7 Ways to Reduce Your Insurance Premiums.”

2. Share Company News
Your newsletter presents a prime opportunity for you to brag about your business. Were you recently highlighted in the news? Have you received any awards? If so, share this information with the readers. Also, if you’re a green company, emphasize your sustainability efforts. And if you’re involved in public service work, include a blurb and photos, if you have them, from some of the events. This is your time to shine.

3. Follow a Format
The easiest way to maintain an effective email newsletter is to follow a template so you can easily swap out information. For example, the right column may always be dedicated to company news, or the bottom left side may be the standard place for product spotlights. Keeping your newsletter format consistent makes it easy for you and something familiar for readers.

4. Mix it Up
To engage the reader, you need to share more than information about your company and its products or services. Informative and unique articles help catch the reader’s attention and increase the probability of having the rest of your newsletter read. Your pieces should offer the reader something they can take away, like tips. For example, if you have an appliance repair newsletter, consider covering a topic like “Six Ways to Help Your Dishwasher Last Longer.”

5. Establish Frequency
Determine the frequency of your newsletter. Will you send it out monthly, quarterly, or according to another schedule? Once you determine this, you should stick to it to maintain consistency with your readers.

6. Plan in Advance
Plan your email newsletters well in advance to make sure you don’t run out of information or overlap content. For example, if you have a monthly newsletter, have an idea of what the content will be for the next five to six months. This content may change if something major happens, but at least you’ll have an idea for what will be included. This will also provide insight on the frequency of your content. If you feel you have too much or too little content for monthly newsletters, you can adjust accordingly.

7. Incorporate Seasonal Themes
As you plan your newsletters, don’t forget to incorporate holiday and seasonal themes. For example, if you have a health-related newsletter, the February issue can feature “heart-healthy” topics in honor of Valentine’s Day and because February is Heart Healthy Month. January can have a winter theme with topics like “How to Exercise in Cold Weather” or “How to Beat the Winter Doldrums.” This adds an element of timeliness to your newsletter.

8. Invite More Interaction
Use each email newsletter as an opportunity to generate traffic to your website. Include links in the newsletter and offer enticements. For example, you can ask readers to go to your website to take a brief survey where they can register to win $100.

Implementing these tips will help you craft a well thought out and engaging email newsletter that your readers will look forward to both receiving and sharing.


Aaron Gunderson

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