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Why the 4C’s Marketing Model is Good for Business

posted in Marketing

You may have used the popular 4P Matrix, a seller-oriented marketing theory around product, place, price and promotion. But if you haven’t tried the 4C model, you could be missing […]

What is the 4P Marketing Matrix?

posted in Marketing

The principle of the 4P Matrix is that marketing decisions usually fall into four controllable categories: product, place, price and promotion. Carefully positioning your product in each category will generate […]

How Experiential Marketing Can Kill Your Next Campaign

posted in Marketing

If you’ve been hearing the latest buzz about experiential marketing, you may want to do a bit more research before jumping on the bandwagon. While effective marketing campaigns get at […]

A/B Testing is Key to Unlocking Your Website’s True Potential

posted in Marketing

If your business website needs a good makeover, you may want to consider incorporating A/B testing into your plan before making any major changes. A/B testing, or split testing, allows […]

How to Use Videos as a Tool for Viral Marketing

posted in Marketing

Viral marketing is the latest wave to ride when trying to up your game and accelerate the sales cycle of your business. Many companies have found success utilizing video in […]

Bing vs. Google: Which Webmaster Tools are Best?

posted in Marketing

Bing and Google webmaster tools are both excellent for making the most of your search engine optimization (SEO) tactics and driving traffic to your website. Webmaster tools can also provide […]