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Cybersecurity Startups Positioned to Boom

Cybersecurity Starups Positionied to Boom

Cybersecurity is a $207 billion industry that shows no sign of cooling off. Over the last five years, investors have spent nearly $3 billion on security technologies, and businesses of all sizes have begun boosting their network security budgets. In fact, if the revenue generated by the cybersecurity industry were the economy of a country, it would rank as the 46th largest economy in the world, and it’s expected to grow by 7.7 percent every year for the next five years.

As businesses continue to adopt more technology, security risks aren’t likely to diminish. That means cbyersecurity startups like the ones we’re featuring here will continue to enjoy a steady stream of clients.

1. BitSight Technologies

BitSight Technologies is revolutionizing how businesses manage information security risk by providing them with objective, evidence based security ratings. The forward thinking startup was founded three years ago by Nagarjuna Venna and Stephen Boyer. It is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

A time-tested method for gauging performance, benchmarking is commonly used to measure a number of key business functions- now BitSight is applying the practice to cbyersecurity. One of the startup’s leading solutions is BitSight’s Security Ratings for Benchmarking which gives companies the power to measure, monitor and benchmark their security performance. By delivering a non-stop data-driven measure of security performance, client companies are armed with the knowledge to gauge the effectiveness of risk mitigation programs. BitSight updates client security ratings daily, and sends out alerts if a meaningful change in rating occurs.

2. CounterTack

Cyber criminals have met their match. CounterTack is on a mission to develop the fastest detection and deepest attack intelligence possible.

Effectively turning the table on cyber criminals, CounterTack uses real-time, behavioral based attacker intelligence to reduce the impact of endpoint-focused attacks. In doing so, CounterTack is able to provide security teams with unheard of insights and powerful analytics that let them take control over an attack- even as it is occurring.

The endpoint threat detection startup was founded by the brilliant duo of Stan Eramia and Alen Capalik, and is based in Waltham, Massachusetts.

3. Bluebox Security

Bluebox is taking a fresh approach to mobile security, by making mobile security strong and transparent without sacrificing end-user privacy.

Bluebox Security is based in San Francisco, and was founded in 2012 by veteran security gurus Caleb Sima and Adam Ely. It hasn’t taken Bluebox long to gain a reputation for their novel approach products that secure company data as it interacts with employee’s BYOD devices. One particularly powerful Bluebox solution is Data Wrapping. Data Wrapping protects all corporate data with document-level encryption and contains robust security features that allow the data to be tracked, revoked or even wiped.

4. Trustlook

The mobile security startup Trustlook was launched to fill the gap between mobile innovation and mobile security development. Founded in 2013, Trustlook is the youngest startup of this inventive bunch, but it’s decidedly impressive.

With the goal of providing behavior-based malware detection to Android users, Trustlook is emerging as a global leader in next-generation mobile security solutions. Specifically, Trustlook pioneered the “first APT (advanced persistent threat) mobile security solutions to detect and address zero-day vulnerabilities and advanced malware.” So far, the booming startup has protected more than 300,000 users from privacy leaks and malware.

As the threat of cyberattacks increases, ingenious startups like the ones we’ve featured today are cashing in on the growing business of cybersecurity. Which one do you think holds the most promise?

Alexia Chianis

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