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4 Companies That Put Their Employees First

best companies to work for

We all know there are differences between a simple job and a lifelong career.

No matter what phase your at in your life, sometimes you’re simply just grateful to have any job that helps bring home the bacon, but there are some nine-to-fivers out there who absolutely love the companies they work for.

Here’s a peek at four innovative companies that are pulling out all the stops when it comes to providing employee benefits that outshine the competition.

1. Navigator Management Partners

Ohio-based consulting firm Navigator Management Partners specializes in things like project management, organizational change management and being consistently ranked as one of the best places to work both locally and nationally, year after year. The company boasts a business model “that allows our consultants to be home at night instead of on the road” and their 93% employee retention rate confirms that offering benefits like $25,000 in tuition reimbursement really does make a difference.

In addition, all new employees, regardless of job grade, are treated to a welcome lunch with every member of Navigator’s management team. The company also reinvests 5% of its annual revenue into professional development for employees and its 401k plan is 100% vested from a new hire’s first day of work. With benefits like these, it’s easy to see why Navigator has been honored as one of the Best Small and Medium Workplaces, according to “Fortune” magazine, for four years running.

best places to work

2. Akraya, Inc.

“Once you are an AkrayaN, you are always an AkrayaN,” or so says the website of this Sunnyvale, CA, recruiting agency. Akraya, Inc. doesn’t mess around when it comes to providing outstanding employee benefits, including house cleaning services, shopping sprees and celebrating a five-year anniversary with a bonus of $5,000 plus an extra week of PTO. The company’s mission is to match great people with great opportunities, and they don’t just save that passion for their clients.

Akraya has created a culture that eschews micro-managing and uses mistakes as teaching opportunities. And, while the company knows the value of working hard, employees are also encouraged to take time out whether it’s to shoot a round of pool at the office billiards table, grab a few cold brews or give back to the community by joining in on any one of the company’s charitable projects, such as the Race for Literacy.

Akraya Employees

3. Conductor, Inc.

This SEO tech leader has been ranked the number two place to work in the state of New York and, with a culture that values employee input and rewards fresh ideas, it’s easy to see why.  Conductor provides plenty of opportunities for employees to brainstorm at fully catered get-togethers twice a week where staffers are encouraged to share ideas that will improve the office environment, a product or the company as a whole.

Conductor also encourages their employees to make a positive impact in their community by tireless work with local nonprofits and providing funding for a number of local causes and initiatives. And, just to make sure their employees don’t get burned out, they offer quarterly and annual awards – including an all-expenses paid vacation – to employees with outstanding performance.

Best places to work

4. AnswerLab

For a company based around creating quality user experiences for online users, it makes sense that they’d also want to make sure their employees have a quality experience working for AnswerLab. Employees of this tech consulting firm, that serves the digital platform needs of some of the world’s biggest brands, enjoy all kinds of benefits like a $400 yearly allowance to make sure their staff stay current on the latest, high-tech devices.

And just to show they’re interested in more than the health of their staffers’ technological know-how, AnswerLab also sponsors employee fitness programs and contests. Their employees also get the advantage of daily fresh fruit deliveries and an inventive office space designed to support creativity and innovative thinking.

best places to work

Which benefits would draw you to a new company?

Rebecca Edwards

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