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4 Groundbreaking Kickstarter Projects Worth Backing

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Affordable, practical and over-the-top cool, this week’s Kickstarter projects are generating amazing buzz and we want you to be the first to know all about them.

From a simple yet powerful product that gives you the power to build a customized intelligent environment to a tiny device that minimizes charge times to an affordable EV charging station and a slick wallet that will restore your faith in American craftsmanship, you’re about to discover four ground-breaking projects that will simplify and add value to your daily grind.

1. WigWag, by WigWag

Why We Like It
WigWag puts an end to the hassle of programming automated systems. In fact, simplicity and functionality are the cornerstones of WigWag, a small device that makes things automatic and builds intelligent environments.

Until now, customized automated environments required permanent installation by professionals or those with a knack for programming and technology. WigWag re-writes automation rules by utilizing simple “when X, then y” programming that requires a few taps to control- and you do it all right from your smartphone or tablet.

WigWag can do things like detect motion, measure sound, temperature, humidity and movement and automatic tasks like opening a garage door, turning on sprinklers, adjusting a thermostat, turning on lights and much more. WigWag’s Relay even allows you to connect with several Internet services so you can automatic tasks like opening Dropbox or Twitter. We’re decidedly impressed that once you create a command, you can share it permanently or temporarily. If and when you want to revoke access to the command, it’s easy to do so.

Top Pledge Reward
When you pledge $5,000 or more, the WigWag team will work for you! WigWag will help you automate your own project via the WigWag app. Contact WigWag to discuss your project before you pledge. Warning: There are only five top pledge rewards, so don’t procrastinate!

About the Creator
Ed Hemphill, a former U.S. Army Signal Officer turned computer science innovator and entrepreneur is the brains behind the life-changing WigWag. Hemphill has held positions in sales support and management as well as software engineering and counts on primary investor and advisor Jean-Marc Trinnon for insight gained through a quarter of a century’s worth of work designing and developing software packages. You’ll want to keep your eyes on this dynamic duo.

2. The Practical Meter, by David Toledo

Why We Like It
“Charge smarter, not longer.” That’s the guiding philosophy behind the Practical Meter, and that could be why this nifty device is already crushing its funding goal by nearly $50,000.

The Practical Meter is a tiny device that reveals not all USB chargers are created equal. Simply plug it in to any USB port and up to five green lights will glow. As you’d expect, the more lights that illuminate, the faster the charge. In seconds you’ll have the information you need to find that device that’s charging at max speed.

The Practical Meter works when charging from a wall outlet, a laptop, solar panel, car charger or power bank. It also works with Power Practical’s PowerPot. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast you’ll appreciate the way Practical Meter provides feedback on signal strength, allowing you to position your solar panel for maximum charging performance.

Pair the Practical Meter up with a 3-in-1 companion charging cable and optimize charge times for your Android or iPhone. To learn more about how Power Practical’s charging cords amp up charging performance, view out this informative quick video clip.

Top Pledge Reward
For a mere $59 pledge, you’ll be treated to a Practical Meter swag bag that includes a sweet “Know Your Power” T-Shirt, a trucker style hat and of course, one Practical Meter. Pledge today and say so-long to frustratingly long charging times.

About the Creator
Practical Meter was developed by charismatic tech genius David Toledo, a Salt Lake City, Utah native who grew up enjoying the great outdoors. His energy start-up Power Practical combines his love of the wild with his passion for technology to create power products designed to withstand use in rugged environments. Thanks to the efforts and imagination of Toledo, tech-on-the-go is becoming an affordable reality.

3. EMW JuiceBox, Electric Motor Werks (EMW)

Why We Like It
Many companies claim their products are affordable; Electric Motor Werks (EMW) JuiceBox actually is. In fact, this open source electronic car (EV) charging station is set to sell for just $99.00. That’s more than four times cheaper than similar chargers on the market today.

Kudos to EMW for pricing JuiceBox at a level all electronic car owners can afford. We’re also excited that JuiceBox can charge an EV up to ten times faster than the charging cord supplied with the car at purchase.

DIY types will appreciate JuiceBox’s simple design that will enable them to transform a kit into an operational charging station in roughly two hours. Imagine the pleasure of crafting your own charging station! Of course, EMW offers a fully assembled station as well. Make a pledge to get the JuiceBox in full production and you’ll soon be enjoying every ounce of value your EV offers.

Top Pledge Reward
Pledge $1,000 or more and you’ll be treated to JuiceBox’s fully assembled EMW Premium Edition, plus an 8-meter 32A J1772 cable and plug, a 12-foot dryer plug and cord, and a one day hands-on EV technology experience at the EMW lab in Silicon Valley where you’ll get schooled on EV conversions, high-power charging and motor control systems, EV instrumentation and EMW JuiceBox. Talk about a tech lovers dream.  Meals are provided, but travel expenses are your responsibility.

About the Creator
The team behind JuiceBox is an incredibly talented and dedicated one that’s committed to saving Mother Earth by developing high performance electric conversions. It’s lead by Valery Miftakhov (founder) who received his PhD in Physics from Princeton University. He and his team are on a mission to step up the adoption of electric car conversions and improve the image of reasonably priced electric car solutions. 

Thanks to a wealth of knowledge, Miftakhov is well positioned to do so. He enjoys more than a decade of experience working in a variety of executive business strategy positions in a number of high-tech and management consulting companies, including Google. Read more about the hard-charging EMW team of professionals.

4. The Perfect Wallet, by Mark Bollman IV

Why We Like It
Combine top-quality American leather with the finest American craftsmanship and smart design and you’ve created The Perfect Wallet. Aptly named, we’re confident that The Perfect Wallet is about to kick start an all American made revolution.

The Perfect Wallet is everything a traditional men’s wallet isn’t: light, thin, and highly functional. Max it out or carry just the essentials, we love The Perfect Wallet’s flexibility and undeniable style. Appealing to the man who appreciates uniqueness, and takes pride in carrying a wallet that epitomizes American craftsmanship, The Perfect Wallet turns up its nose at mass consumption.

Best yet, just like all Ball and Buck brand products, The Perfect Wallet is guaranteed for life. If you’re not satisfied with it, simply return it to the company for repair or replacement. If The Perfect Wallet is damage due to wear and tear, Ball and Buck will mend it for a reasonable fee. If it’s worn beyond repair, you’ll receive a 15 percent discount on the purchase of new wallet. With a focus on the consumer like that, Ball and Buck is sure to capture lifetime fans.

Wondering where Ball and Buck got its name? We were too. In his company video, founder Mark Bollman IV explains that during the American Revolution, George Washington encouraged his soldiers to take advantage of “buck and ball” loads for their muskets in an effort to maximize target impact. We love a name with a cool meaning.

Top Pledge Reward
It’s time to trash that embarrassing worn wallet and carry your cash in style with The Perfect Wallet. For a pledge of $58.00 or more you’ll be the first of your friends to have one! Color choice of brown, tan, red maple or sleek black.

About the Creator
Young and ambitious with a dedication to doing thing right; Mark Bollman IV is the president and founder of Ball and Buck. He has southern roots, but he’s making quite an impact on Beantown. His Americana-themed men’s store Ball and Buck is devoted to serving the sophisticated man with products like The Perfect Wallet that are crafted to American quality standards, not the sub-par ones often produced overseas.

Thanks to Bollman’s vision and impeccable taste, out bet is stylish men in all corners of the globe will enjoy an expanded line of Ball and Buck products in the years to come.

No doubt, you’re ready and willing to pledge to all four projects. But we want to know if you had to pick just one, which would it be?


Alexia Chianis

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