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4 Impressive AngelList Startups That Make eCommerce Easy

AngelList Startups for eCommerce

If you’re a small business owner searching for ways to simplify eCommerce and maximize profit, prepare to be utterly impressed with this week’s AngelList picks.

These amazing eCommerce related startups all offer simplicity and power, making the business/ consumer connection seamless, fast and easy. And that’s a good thing because Forrester Research estimates that in 2012, retail sales completed on smartphones reached $8 billion and could very well reach $31 billion in 2017.

Read on and discover why these innovative companies are generating such chatter.

1. Gumroad

Calling all writers, designers, game developers, musicians, artists, and filmmakers; use Gumroad and earn money for your creative efforts!

Gumroad believes, “Creating is hard, selling shouldn’t be.” With a philosophy like that, it’s no wonder this social commerce powerhouse is quickly becoming the BFF of creative types. Gumroad doesn’t charge upfront costs, it’s straightforward and speedy enabling creators to sell their creations directly to their followers with just a few clicks. High-five to Gumroad for accepting all major credit cards from around the globe and only making money when the creator does (5 percent of sale plus .25).

We were immediately impressed with Gumroad’s user friendly process. Create an account, upload your work, pick a price and sell, sell, sell. Gumroad allows you to sell right from your website or places you already connect with your followers. And Gumroad does everything to ensure your success. For starters, Gumroad gives you free guides. Basics guide include titles such as “Is Gumroad For Me?”, “Adding Your First Product” and “Getting Paid.” There’s also Gumroad’s “How to Sell” guide collection that covers how to most effectively sell music, eBooks, film, Photoshop plugins, and digital comics. Pack-out your virtual tool box with these guides and watch the orders roll in.

Gumroad is backed by powerful analytics that offer you insight into sales trends, which sites drive the most visitors, and help get a feel for where your customers are located. The support continues on Gumroad’s blog. It’s a dynamic resource packed with stories about Gumroad vendors, selling trends, feature updates, tips, tricks and more.


2. TransferWise

Like many brilliant ideas, TransferWise was born out of frustration. Buddies, and eventual founders, Taavet Hinrikus and Kristo Käärmann were disturbed they lost money each time they transferred money from country to country, so they founded TransferWise to change all that. Their belief is people should be able to send money abroad at the lowest possible true cost and they made it incredibly easy to do so. The user simply creates a transfer on the TransferWise website by typing in how much they want to transfer and to where. Then, they can send the money by using a debit card, or make a bank transfer to the TransferWise bank account. TransferWise takes care of currency conversion and generates a payment to the recipient in the correct currency.

Of course TransferWise can be used for personal affairs, but we’re really excited about the potential it opens up for business owners to save some serious money (and lots of time). Check out TransferWise reviews and read what users are saying about this smart money transfer tool. So long hidden fees, and goodbye complicated processes; TransferWise has arrived.


3. Ribbon

Ribbon says, “If you can copy and paste, you can sell any product on any platform.” That’s an attention grabbing declaration that made us want to learn more.

Ribbon allows users to sell inside Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and through their own website. And the geniuses behind Ribbon made it oh so easy to do so. Create an account, add your products, services, digital products, and more. Then enhance them with YouTube previews or images. You can even let the buyer claim their own price. You’ll get a unique link that allows you to use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or your own website to promote your item and share it with consumers in every corner of the planet. Buyers will appreciate that transactions happens directly in-stream, so they don’t have to stop what they’re doing. Convenience at last.

No monthly fees, and no set up fees make Ribbon a no-brainer. Ribbon takes 2.9 percent and $0.30 after each transaction. The seller gets paid out every two weeks by way of wire transfer, check request, or PayPal. Ribbon has removed the pain associated with eCommerce.

4. Scan

Scan takes QR codes to the next level. While Scan offers some cool personal applications, we’re especially pumped about that advantages this user friendly QR reader and barcode scanner offers small businesses and their mobile commerce. For example, Scan lets the small business owner create a QR code that allows the user to take social media action like following the company on Twitter, liking it on Facebook and checking in on Four Square.

Scan’s Business Scan Page offers a mobile friendly menu which gives customers the power to engage with and share the business. As expected, Scan can also direct users to any URL the business owner chooses. A major advantage of Scan is that there is absolutely no experience required; Scan is amazingly easy to use. We’re excited that the creators of Scan are always searching for ways to enhance the app because now Scan reads UPC, EAN, and ISBN barcodes which opens up more opportunities for small businesses to cash in on technology! And Scan is completely free.

If you’re a small business owner searching for creative, flexible ways to use QR codes and want a little inspiration, head to Scan’s Gallery and check out the assortment of beneficial applications. Are you ready to capture the power of Scan? Download the app at the Google store or Apple iTunes store.

We’ve given you a lot of cutting edge eCommerce solutions to think about. We’re curious which one you think has the greatest potential to impact the massive eCommerce industry.

Alexia Chianis

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