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4 Inventive Technology Products That Will Inspire You

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Kickstarter is filled with innovative technology gadgets that rival those brought to market by major industry players.

In fact, tech savvy entrepreneurs have launched over 3,000 technology products on Kickstarter since it hit the web four years ago.

Over 156 technology campaigns are currently funding on Kickstarter. We scoured dozens of them, and picked these especially exciting ones we think will inspire you. Read on to discover more about these sweet products. Who knows, you might even want to back one.

1. TruGlide Apex: Fine Point Electronic Stylus, by Bob Martin

Why We Like It
The TruGlide Apex is raising the bar on stylus performance. It’s a super-fine stylus constructed using top quality brass fittings and a metal body.  And unlike other electronic styluses, the TruGlide Apex stylus has been designed to work universally across all apps without plug-ins or extra attachments.

What impresses us most about the hard-tipped TruGlide Apex is that when compared to the majority of soft rubber styluses, tip area is 90 percent less. An easy to change AAAA replaceable battery powers the TruGlide Apex stylus and it can be turned on and off by rotation a fin on the top of the body.

If you’ve been searching for a stylus that delivers an amazing writing experience, you’ve just found it.

Top Pledge Reward
Commit $110.00 or more to the TruGlide Apex campaign and you’ll be handsomely rewarded. In addition to getting your hands on the Smartie microfiber cleaning cloth, the TruGlide Apex with a special black and green Kickstarter leather carrying case, and the attractive TruGlide Apex stand, you’ll also receive the TruGlide pro stylus and artist brush tip bonus bundle. Learn more about TruGlide Apex incredible rewards and act fast; campaign pledge rewards are selling out.

About the Creator
Armed with a degree in electrical engineering, a passion for tech devices and an eye for exceptional design, LYNKtec co-founder Bob Martin is well equipped to lead to lead the progress of TruGlide Apex. A Silicon Valley veteran, Martin is now based in Chicago where he’s a member of a co-working center for digital startups.

2. castAR: a versatile AR & VR system, by Technical Illusions

Why We Like It
With the goal of connecting the physical world with the virtual world, the projected augmented reality system castAR is earning an amazing reputation for performance. In fact, in addition to a slew of positive press, the 3D augmented reality gaming system was honored with Educator’s and Editor’s Choice ribbons at the 2013 Bay Area Maker Faire.

The system can display remarkable holographic-like 3D projections and includes a state-of-the-art tracking solution that allows you to hold the 3D world in place while you move around in it. CastAR glasses are just slightly heavier than sunglasses and don’t require calibration. By using an attachment, you can transform castAR into a true reality system in addition to it being an augmented reality system. Genius!

Take a peek at the castAR video and you’ll see why the product has already smashed its finding goal by over $150,000.

Top Pledge Reward
There’s just one top pledge reward remaining. Offer $10,000 or more to castAR and you’ll receive a fully working prototype of castAR hand built by Technical Illusions founder Jeri Ellsworth.

About the Creator
Founded just this year by the brilliant duo of Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson, Technical Illusions is already well on their way to becoming the premier developer and manufacturer of augmented reality hardware and software.

3. Zcapture: Open Source 360 Photography, by Jared Bouck

Why We Like It
Thanks to tech know-how and the unbridled ambition of Jared Bouck, creating professional 360° photography just got easier and more affordable.

Bouck’s Zcapture system is an automated platform that controls a turntable and your camera to quickly create 360° product photography. It can work on its own in a standalone configuration or connected to a computer that controls it. With the help of Zcapture software, users can produce eye-catching 360° shots and get them on the web in less than 10 minutes (once lighting is set up). Users can easily crop, customize, resize and edit images using Zcapture’s suite of tools. Zcapture is compatible with most SLR cameras, and works with Cannon and Nikon brands right out of the box.

If you’re a small business owner looking to produce excellent imagery for your website, you’ll want to learn more about the power of the Zcapture system.

Top Pledge Reward
For a pledge of $690.00 or more, you’ll receive a fully functional Zcapture system that includes a hard aluminum photography style case, two Softbox lighting kits, a lifetime software license and updates at no charge.

About the Creator
A self-proclaimed geek that loves his work, Zcapture creator Jared Bouck has enjoyed a history of success in the tech industry. In addition to starting a handful of thriving businesses, Bouck is the author of tech oriented websites and, and has published articles in well respected industry magazines like “PC Magazine.”

4. Neurio: Home Intelligence, by Energy Aware Technology Inc.

Why We Like It
Backed by the award-winning cleantech company Energy Aware, Neurio has the power to boost your home’s IQ, save you money, and make your life easier.

With the help of a Wi-Fi power sensor and genius pattern detection algorithms, Neurio tracks your home’s electricity usage without having to install sensors on each device. When coupled with Wattson (Neurio’s smart energy saving app) you get real-time access to the power consumption of each device, the ability to break your electricity bill down by appliance, and important energy insights that can help you save major cash. Neurio will even alert you via text message when you’ve forgotten to turn an appliance off, detect when a door opens, send you a text message when the dishwasher is done or turn on music when you fire-up the hot tub.

Top Pledge Reward
When you back Neurio with a pledge $1,000 CAD or more, you’ll be invited to visit the Energy Aware home office in Vancouver and enjoy a scrumptious dinner with the founders. You’ll also get to take home the Neurio Home Package, which includes a sensor, access to Cloud, and the Trigger and Wattson apps. Plus you’ll receive access to the open API’s and source code. Warning: there are only nine top pledge rewards remaining, so get yours today.

About the Creator
Founded in 2005 with the dream of connecting people to resource conservation, Energy Aware offers a range of successful products that includes energy engagement products for consumers and advanced data analytics for utilities.

Kickstarter is an incredibly powerful fundraising platform with hundreds of smart products like the four we’ve featured here. Which of this week’s products impresses you the most?

Alexia Chianis

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