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BUZZREVIEW: SimplyHired App Makes Your Job Search Stress-Free

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Today’s classified job ads are no longer just in the Sunday paper. They are on employment websites, and mobile apps like SimplyHired provide the mechanism to post and read them, to submit cover letters and résumés, and to apply directly from a smartphone or tablet without ever leaving home. Call it Pavement Pounding 2.0.

What We Like About This App

We prefer apps that go about their business in a straightforward fashion, and SimplyHired definitely has that going for it. In fact, it could be called SimplyEverything and we’d understand why.

Simple Interfacescreenshot of the simply hired job search app
We’ve reviewed apps in the past that have been so stark as to be alarming. While SimplyHired isn’t filled with bells and whistles, it packs a lot of usefulness into a small package.

Upon launching the app we were taken to the SimplyHired desktop sporting two data entry fields. The top field asks job titles, skills, or a company name. The bottom field asks for a state, city, or zip code or GPS location by touching the GPS symbol at the end of the data entry box.

results page for the simply hired appWhen we pressed the “Search All US Jobs” button we were taking to a results page. The results were very good. Our keywords were well represented in the types of jobs being presented, the cities and states we specified were accurate, and the employment offerings were new and fresh, many posted within 24-hours of our reviews.

Save, Email, Reply
Each job in the search results took us to a job-specific page with the full job description and offering, and the option to save the job notice, email it to yourself and others, or apply directly by clicking the appropriate link.

Each element on the job-specific pages worked liked they should without issues or confusion, which added to our already-liking of the design layout and simplicity. It is actually refreshing to see a simple yet powerful app not weigh itself down with junk and useless features.

Website Support is as utilitarian as the app, and lends backend support for such things as saving résumés, which is quite useful when applying via smartphone or tablet. The website also lets users looked at saved jobs, create a personal profile, and manage a few site-specific tasks like email notifications.

We were pleased to discover every SimplyHired function is useful and completes its tasks efficiently and without fanfare. It’s arguably the most understated app we’ve seen at The Daily Buzz.

Improvements We’d Like to See

We really have little negative to address with the SimplyHired app and supporting website. A part of us wants to say we wish their app did more, but that might just be our prurient desire for more content talking. Sometimes less is the right amount and any more would disrupt the zen.

That said, we do have one thing that we think deserves some attention.

Hard to Read
Our best experience with SimplyHired was from a tablet. The screens are large enough to present large amounts of text with ease. Our smartphone experience, however, was a different tale. The font was very small and didn’t always scale perfectly. As a result, the small smartphone screen felt crammed with data at times, and hard to read, but never felt that way on our tablets.

Hopefully the developers at are addressing this issue. It’s noticeable enough to mention in an otherwise positive review.

Still, that isn’t enough to have us snubbing an otherwise terrific app. If you’re looking for a job, SimplyHired will deliver results to your smartphone, tablet, email, or web account.


SimplyHired for iOS devices is at version 2.0. SimplyHired for Android is at version 1.0. Users on both platforms are presented with a sleek and pragmatic app.

OUR RATING: 4 out of 5 Stars

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Reviewed by , June 4, 2013

John Roskelley

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