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BUZZREVIEW: Wolfram Alpha App is so Smart It’s Scary

Wolfram Alpha App

We live in an information society, where information is readily available in dozens of different ways on just as many devices. The primary issue with this is the accuracy of the data. Anyone can publish anything they want on any given topic, which means the veracity of any data returned in a search query must be independently verified unless the source is absolutely reliable. And even then a second opinion might not be a bad idea.

Enter Wolfram Alpha, a computational knowledge engine second to none in its ability to provide reliable answers on a wide range of technical, business, educational, and personal interests. For business with specific scientific, engineering, financial, and other critical computational needs, the Wolfram Alpha app should be your go-to resource for reliable results.

What We Like About Wolfram Alpha

We discovered Wolfram Alpha was able to accurately answer a wide range of questions on a wide range of topics including mathematics, physics, statistics, chemistry, astronomy, stocks, investments, and dozens of other subjects.

Not a Search Engine: It’s important to note that Wolfram Alpha isn’t a traditional search engine and doesn’t operate in the same ways Google, Bing, and Yahoo! do. Where search engines return a wide range of information for any query, Wolfram Alpha returns specific answers to specific questions.

Custom Keyboard: Included in the app is a custom keyboard you can use to formulate advanced mathematical computations. Rather than the entire keyboard changing when you choose additional functionality, only a portion changes typically leaving the qwerty keyboard in place. The included Greek and advanced math symbols make even the most advanced computations possible.

Apps Powered by Wolfram Alpha:Wolfram Alpha App In addition to the standalone computational engine that business owners and employees will find most compelling, there are many additional and even more specific apps available. I won’t list them all, but they are grouped into four major categories.

  • Course Assistant Apps for specific help with advanced mathematics, mechanics, physics, music theory, and astronomy.
  • Reference Apps on a wide range of topics including tides, investment calculators, words, culinary mathematics, dog breeds, and flight information.
  • Professional Assistant Apps covering corporate finance, stock trading, network administration, and business law.
  • Personal Assistant Apps with a focus on genealogy and history, travel, personal fitness and finance, and market quotes.

The concise topics makes Wolfram Alpha an indispensible tool for a wide range of businesses and business owners, freelancers, corporate departments, and consultants.

Usable Objects: Wolfram Alpha query results frequently include graphs, charts, and images, which can be used in several different ways. Each page can be saved to the device, shared on Facebook, or even sent to a wide range of resources including Twitter, Cloud drives, DLNA, and SMS. Favorites, history, and bookmarks can also be created making it simple retrace steps or find previous work.

How Much Does the Wolfram Alpha App Cost?

Wolfram Alpha costs $2.99 on all platforms. Additional modules can be purchased and range from $0.99 to $9.99 per app. The current Google Android version is at with an update on July 25, 2013. The current Apple iOS version is at with an update on November 18, 2013.

OUR RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Reviewed by , February 6, 2013

John Roskelley

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