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How Your Small Business Can Benefit From VoIP

how Voice Over Internet Protocol can help your small business

Small businesses are abandoning traditional phone systems and adopting Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology at unprecedented rates. Point Topic Ltd. reports there are currently more than 30 million VoIP subscribers in America alone.

If you’re a small business owner who has wondered why VoIP is booming, you’ll want to read on as we discuss the basics of VoIP and outline eight ways your business can benefit from this popular communication technology.

What is VoIP?

As the name implies, VoIP allows you to make and receive phone calls via an Internet connection, eliminating the need for a traditional phone line. VoIP converts sound into digital voice communication and sends the communication through Internet broadband. Using VoIP you’ll enjoy the convenience of combining voice, data and video into one cost effective, scalable, and easy to manage service.

8 Ways Your Small Business Can Benefit From VoIP

1. Improved Communication and Collaboration
VoIP makes Web conferencing convenient and easy, which allows your employees to conduct impromptu meetings with co-workers and clients no matter where they are located. VoIP Web conferencing also facilitates clear communication, speeds decision making and improves employee collaboration.

2. Greater Value From the Internet
More than likely, you’re already paying for the broadband Internet connection VoIP uses. Use VoIP and every time you place a call you’ll be getting the most value out of a service you’re already paying for, and eliminating the additional expense of phone service. Plus, VoIP is not regulated or taxed like traditional telephone service is. This allows VoIP providers to offer customers enhanced communication services at very affordable rates.

3. Enhanced Communication Options
In addition to the freedom of placing and receiving calls via the Internet, most VoIP providers offer enhanced features such as voicemail by email, online calling records, and online chat support. VoIP providers also make it easy to manage your account online, allowing you to add, remove or otherwise modify your services whenever necessary.

4. Support for Your Mobile Workforce
Today’s workers are highly mobile, often working from home, the airport and even while they’re on vacation. VoIP supports today’s mobile worker by giving them the power to consolidate incoming calls to their cell phone, office phone, or other phone into a single phone number. No matter your worker is located, VoIP technology ensures he or she doesn’t miss a call.

5. Reduced Cost for Extra Services
Voicemail, caller ID, unlimited long distance, and call forwarding are just a few examples of services phone companies charge an extra fee for. With VoIP, these services and more are already included in your VoIP package.

6. Help Mother Earth and Save Money
The powerful Web conferencing features VoIP offers lets your employees communicate virtually, which cuts down on the need for travel. Adopt VoIP and you will not only be helping the environment, you’ll save money on travel related expenses.

7. Hire the Most Skilled Employees
Sometimes, the most skilled workers aren’t located near your company’s headquarters. With VoIP, you can expand your employee pool to include virtual workers because they can work remotely from anywhere they can get an Internet connection.

8. Improved Customer Service
If your small business uses customer relationship management (CRM) applications such as Salesforce, you’ll be glad to learn that VoIP can integrate with your CRM. VoIP and CRM integration makes it easy for your employees to access important customer data while talking with a customer or a potential client.

VoIP not only boosts efficiency and productivity by streamlining various communication tools, it also gives small business owners the freedom to focus on what matters most: developing their business. If you’re ready to learn more about how VoIP can benefit your business, start by exploring the services offered by two of the most trusted names in the industry, CenturyLink and EarthLink.

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