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17 Companies That Offer Amazing Employee Perks

Employment rates have finally returned to pre-crisis levels, with over 2.65 million jobs added in 2015. With more opportunities than ever for job seekers, companies face the challenge of both attracting and retaining top talent.

Faced with increasingly choosy applicants and smaller pools of qualified candidates, recruiters face a challenge. “As companies continue to compete for top talent, nonmonetary perks can give them a competitive advantage,” says Ky Kingsley, Robert Half Finance & Accounting Vice President. “Attractive perks can also help firms retain their best and brightest employees.” Kingsley added.

The following are a list of seventeen companies that understand the importance of providing perks and offer their employees a unique experience.


Based in Silicon Valley, Asana produces task-based project management systems, all while offering perks that clearly align with its mindful, balanced, and healthy values. According to Emilie Cole, communications lead at Asana, the company provides 12 weeks of paid maternity and paternity leave — one of the highest offerings in the tech and business industries — and it encourages employees to set a schedule that works best for them and their families. All workers are given untracked vacation, and after being with Asana for 3 years, staff members are eligible for a six-week sabbatical.

Asana even offers a culinary program, which serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. These meals are planned with a professional nutritionist and are made from scratch using locally-sourced, sustainable, in-season foods.

Veterans United

Veterans United boasts an enviable array of benefits that range from free gym memberships to health, dental, and vision insurance. Among the most popular perks are the free massages offered to employees. Anyone who has ever gotten a massage knows how relaxing they are, and since research has shown that taking the time to restore oneself can help boost productivity and manage energy more skillfully, this benefit has major payoffs in the workplace.


Sindeo is a San Francisco-based startup that provide its customers with access to a broad marketplace of lenders and loan products, as well as guidance from mortgage advisors. In keeping with Sindeo’s core business values, it offers employees a considerable discount on home mortgages — financial health is an important aspect of wellness, after all! Sindeo also provides employees ride-sharing credits that can be used with Lyft to commute to and from the office.


Based in health conscious San Francisco, Salesforce is a cloud-computing company that has tailored its benefits to the specific needs of its workforce. It offers employees a monthly reimbursement of $100 to be used on health and fitness programs, which can include nutritional counseling, massages, and more. Employees also receive 28 days of holidays and vacation days once they have been at Salesforce for over a year. In terms of family investment, Salesforce provides a $5,000 adoption benefit to help lessen the expenses involved with adoption.


Kurgo is a startup based in Massachusetts that makes innovative dog-travel gear. When the company couldn’t find an office space to accommodate its dog-friendly policy, Kurgo renovated one of its old warehouses, which has helped attract and maintain millennial talent.

“It’s only natural that we not only allow, but encourage our staff to bring their dogs to work,” says Gordie Spater, co-founder and Chief Business Officer. Besides being great stress relievers, Spater feels that the dog policy has creative benefits as well. “The office dogs even help our employees be more collaborative and focused,” he says. “Teams take lunch time dog walks together and no one spends time worrying about their dog being home alone.”


Starbucks has always been a forward thinking company with a strong commitment to corporate responsibility – so it came as no surprise when the company announced that it would offer all part- and full-time employees full tuition coverage for every year of college taken to earn a bachelor’s degree.

In collaboration with Arizona State University, qualified employees will get 24/7 tutoring on a wide range of subjects and the option to pick from more than 50 undergraduate degrees.


Poppin is a NYC-based startup and provider of workplace furniture and accessories. The company has helped deck out the offices of prominent businesses like LinkedIn and Squarespace. Poppin seeks to provide products that help its customers “Work Happy,” and it has also internalized that tagline to improve company culture with perks such as Monday morning breakfasts, unlimited vacation, and corporate happy hours every Thursday. It even offers employees a monthly reimbursement of up to $50 for money they spent connecting with co-workers outside of the office.


RevUnit is a digital product development agency with offices in Las Vegas, Dallas, St. Louis, and Bentonville. Its employee-centric culture is reflected in its perks, which include a flexible work schedule and company-paid health and dental insurance. RevUnit also offers a unique “Hackation” program, which allows employees to work from another RevUnit office for up to three nights with both flight and hotel expenses covered.

Clif Bar & Company

Clif Bar strives to make a healthier and more sustainable world, which is clearly reflected in the perks it offers its employees. The company has a stellar wellness program that includes a fully equipped gym (complete with a rock climbing wall), 2.5 hours of paid workout time each week, and free nutrition counseling. Clif Bar even offers on-site subsidized massage, chiropractic, and physical therapy services.

LexION Capital

LexION Capital is a national firm that provides tailored, comprehensive, and independent investment advice to individuals and families. It helps its customers access the top tier of wealth management services that have typically only been available to the largest institutional investors.

LexION Capital’s holacratic management system is a unique perk offered by the firm. It’s a setup “where everyone is elected ‘chief,’” says Elle Kaplan, CEO of LexION Capital Management. This encourages work in the broad context of shared goals, not just in the one-dimensional framework of a job description. “Your office might not gain any cool gadgets with this approach, but you will find a team that’s truly invested and content for the long-run,” Kaplan states.

Online Optimism

Online Optimism is a full-service marketing agency that “helps everyone from mom and pop shops, to Fortune 500 companies,” says Max Cron, Creative Strategy Director at Online Optimism. The company has been named one of New Orleans’ Best Places to Work in 2015, and for good reason — one of its perks is to take employees out for lunch every Friday. “It’s a great way to end the week, bond with coworkers, and try all the great restaurants around New Orleans,” Cron says.

Draft Sharks

A fantasy football site based out of Rochester, New York, Draft Sharks takes its employees on annual trips to celebrate company wins. Kevin English, a writer and analyst for Draft Sharks, says that he “feels fortunate to work for one of the most generous bosses imaginable.” Past trip destinations include Orlando, Las Vegas, and Utah’s Zion National Park.


Google has long been a leader in terms of benefits, and it shows no sign of slowing down. The company offers on-site physicians and nurses to keep employees healthy, and it also provides health insurance that covers a variety of services, including mental health care and alternative treatments. A popular perk for new mothers, Google moms are given four weeks of pre-delivery maternity leave and between 18 to 20 weeks of post-delivery maternity leave.


Biotech giant Genentech has a generous sabbatical policy: employees who have been with Genentech full-time for six years have the opportunity to take six weeks off with full pay and benefits. This provides a good way for employees to recharge and come back with fresh and innovative ideas.

Bellmont Partners

Bellmont Partners, a small public relations firm, knows that unique perks make for happier and more focused employees. Its perks include a $200 health and wellness stipend per year for anything health-related — ranging from massages to personal trainers — as well as a $250 annual home technology stipend. Employees are given free Fitbits (or similar fitness wearables) and standing desks to promote a healthy culture.

Legion Athletics

Legion Athletics is a small company of nine employees that sells science-based health and fitness supplements to a rapidly growing customer base. Once a year, everyone on the team is treated to an all-expenses paid vacation — this year, the company plans to rent a mansion in Hollywood Hills and explore Los Angeles, and the group already has plans to charter a yacht and cruise the Caribbean next year.


Facebook has a seemingly never-ending list of amazing perks for its employees. On Glassdoor, workers rave about the free gourmet food, with over 15 different restaurants to choose from at the Menlo Park campus. One of the company’s most progressive benefits to date is definitely its parental leave policy, as Facebook offers four months of paid leave for parents of either gender.

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