4 Time-Saving Blogs for Busy HR Managers

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Today’s human resources leaders juggle everything from operations procedures and employee disputes to payroll and project management.

The following are our top four picks for the best HR blogs that cover these topics and more, while staying relevant to today’s workforce and providing useful advice that can immediately be put into practice.

1. All Things Workplace

All Things Workplace is an informational blog written by Steve Roesler, the principal and founder of The Steve Roesler Group. In this blog, Roesler shares anecdotes, business advice, and a bounty of other knowledge helpful for HR reps in any industry. Some of his more recent topics include coaching leaders, building performance, avoiding meeting traps, and improving job satisfaction.

His blog has been named one of the best leadership blogs in 2008, 2009, and 2010. It has also been featured as a top 100 leadership blog for 2013, and he is a featured blogger for Deloitte’s Leadership Academy. Roesler definitely knows his stuff, and following his advice will help even the most frazzled HR professional keep order in the workplace.

2. Effortless HR

The writers at Effortless HR understand the needs of small business managers and have a unique focus on small business labor laws and employee issues. The blog includes hundreds of articles neatly organized into categories, including compensation, legal issues, scheduling, and training and development.

Each article is concise, yet thorough, and gives practical advice that can usually be implemented in your organization almost immediately. The articles are written by trained HR professionals with years of experience, and the blog also includes helpful links to business templates, other relevant blogs, social media groups, and job descriptions.

3. Workforce

The folks at Workforce have compiled a plethora of resources to help even the newest of HR managers. This isn’t your average blog, with articles written by underpaid ghostwriters or struggling entrepreneurs. Workforce includes great advice housed in an easy-to-digest article format. They also offer videos and podcasts, email newsletters, online magazines, virtual webinars, and discussion forums, and host live events in various cities across the country. Their website includes a current listing of dates and locations for their latest live events, and you can even register for a free membership to get access to special members-only content.

4. Ask A Manager

Alison Green, author of the Ask A Manager blog, believes “…the whole point of managing is to get things done. Everything else follows from there.” This definitely shows in her writing, as she provides a great deal of useful advice for getting things done efficiently in all areas of your company. Ask A Manager is one of the most active blogs on our list. At the time of this writing, there are already 654 posts published since the beginning of 2013.

In addition, Alison provides several free eBooks and guides, and many of her posts cover real-life questions posed by working HR professionals. Her detailed answers and explanations provide unique insight into the day-to-day complications faced by HR managers.

Each of these resources provides distinctive features, beneficial for busy HR professionals. By checking these daily, you can avoid countless hours wasted by conducting research or agonizing over how to best handle difficult internal issues.

Note: This post is the first in a three-part series on the best resources for HR managers. Check back for the next installments where we discuss the best video resources and software programs to streamline your company’s efficiency.

Julia Taylor

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