The 4 Best Wireless POS Systems for Retailers

wireless POS systems

Point of Sale (POS) systems are part of the backbone of any small retail business. The recent advent of wireless POS systems gives retailers and their staff the flexibility to conduct transactions anywhere in their store.

With these systems, the sales terminals are smartphones or tablet computers equipped with a credit card scanner.

Retailers no longer need to design their store around one cash register, giving them the flexibility to create modern store layouts that benefit the customer. Here are four of the leading POS systems, each with some form of wireless capability.

1. AccuPOS

(Price varies based on system size)

AccuPOS makes a wide range of POS systems for both retailers and restaurants. While the company offers traditional cash register-based options, they also provide wireless POS systems for the iOS and Android platforms. In the case of restaurants, these allow waitstaff to communicate customer orders directly to the kitchen using either a smartphone or tablet.

In addition to the wireless capabilities, AccuPOS also offers line item integration with many popular accounting packages, including QuickBooks, Peachtree, and Sage Simply Accounting. PCI compliant credit card processing functionality is included in the AccuPOS Cash Register module. This is a flexible POS system with many features, making it attractive to the small retail business or restaurant.

2. NCR Silver


When looking at the history of cash registers and point of sale processing, there aren’t many companies more notable than NCR. The company’s Silver app is a full-fledged wireless POS system for the iOS platform, with compatible terminal software for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Customers are able to make credit card purchases directly from a retailer’s mobile device, including signing for transactions on the mobile touchscreen.

Silver’s additional capabilities include emailing of receipts directly to a customer and a robust reporting system that offers real-time inventory updates with automated alerts. Customer promotions can be developed using historical sales data. Unfortunately for Android fans, NCR Silver is not compatible with Google’s mobile operating system.

3. Breadcrumb PRO

(Free – $99/month)

Another mobile POS system suitable for restaurants is Breadcrumb PRO, offered by the online coupon company Groupon. Once again, Android users are out of luck as Breadcrumb PRO supports only the iOS platform. A free version, called Breadcrumb POS, is suitable for small retailers, while the full edition includes the functionality suitable for restaurants.

The PRO version offers a complete solution for restaurants and bars, including custom menu generation, easy check splitting, and more. Breadcrumb PRO provides other capabilities to benefit the business side of a restaurant, like labor tracking and real-time reporting of all operational data. The app supports a variety of merchant payment options including one from Groupon itself.


(Price varies based on system size)

Formerly known as Deploid, specializes on digital signage for the retail and restaurant industry. The company also offers a fully-fledged POS system available for both the iOS and Android platforms, which gives companies more flexibility in their choice for mobile devices.

The POS system leverages Cloud-based technology to manage the entire retail establishment, including menus, pricing, and inventory. The mobile POS units operate on either iPads or Android tablet computers. This looks to be an intriguing option for businesses in the market for a turnkey solution that combines retail signage with a POS system.

These four leading wireless POS systems each offer businesses the convenience of portable sales within their retail establishment with a variety of pricing options, depending the complexity of the system. Restaurants especially need to explore whether these modern POS systems give them a competitive advantage worthy of the investment.

Paul Williams

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