4 Best Lead Tracking Apps for Small Businesses

lead tracking apps

Tracking apps can help small business owners identify the best sales prospects and turn them into profitable relationships. Employing the use of an app can help you find sales opportunities you may otherwise miss due to disorganization and lack of information.

If you don’t have the time or staff for maintaining lead information manually, do not have customer relationship management (CRM) software, or need something that specifically focuses on sales leads, a tracking app could make a big difference for your business.

Here are the four best apps for tracking sales leads for small businesses.

1. Base/Future Simple

(Free – $125/month)


Base’s tracking app can be downloaded by itself or as an extension of their CRM software. The basic starter edition is free. This software’s main focus is organization, so you’ll no longer have to maintain complicated spreadsheets or charts of your important sales leads.

The app will allow you to run reports, set reminders for calls or appointments, manage your accounts from virtually anywhere, and keep important information in a centralized location. Base allows you to sync information with your Google apps, including Google Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks, making it one of the most user-friendly tracking apps available.

2. Intuit/Quickbase



Intuit runs TurboTax and QuickBooks as well as QuickBase, so you know you’re getting the security of a high-quality, popular brand name with this app. This is one of the top lead tracking apps for small businesses with sales teams focused on customer service.

Your team members will receive automated notifications of tasks assigned to them, approaching deadlines, and exactly which sales leads they’re responsible for. QuickBase let your sales reps access the most vital information about their leads quickly, so they can better serve customers with every stage of the sales cycle.

You can also create customized dashboards for your team members and control user access to determine who can modify sensitive information. QuickBooks helps your employees work more efficiently to increase customer satisfaction.

3. Genius

(Free – $800/month)

geniusGenius Solutions allows you to send trackable emails through Microsoft Outlook, making it easy for current Outlook users to ingratiate this app into their small business. This app maintains a detailed history of sales leads’ website visits, telling you when and how often a prospect is looking at your website, and automatically notifies you when you should contact that prospect based on how often they visit.

If the lead does not seem promising yet, the app stores that information for marketing at a later time. The knowledge of how a lead is navigating your website allows you to decide on the best way to follow up. You can start with the basic Solo version, which is free, and work your way up to the option that offers an SEO Optimizer as you acquire more leads.

4. Apptivo

(Free – $25/month)


Apptivo is a great lower-priced option for business owners on a budget who want a basic but effective lead tracking app. The free version provides integration with Google Apps, online technical support, simple contact sharing, and more than 40 included business apps.

The Premium version is only $10 a month and gives you access to all mobile apps. It also has advanced content sharing, plugins, and application programming interface (API) access to sync up with your website. This app is not as highly advanced as Genius or QuickBase, but it still provides you with a great set of organizational tools for effective lead tracking.

Lead tracking apps are not only great for small businesses that want to know how to catch the attention of potential clients, but they can also help you assess the best way to approach prospects and follow through with the sale. A good lead tracking app will help you find long-lasting customers so you can grow your business.

Alice Williams

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