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5 Tips for Creating a Successful Business Plan posted in Analytics & Reporting

Business Plan

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Sales Performance Metrics posted in Analytics & Reporting


What to Include in Your Company’s Annual Report posted in Analytics & Reporting

annual report

Creating a Successful Sales Plan: 4 Important Questions to Ask Yourself posted in Analytics & Reporting

4 steps to creating a sales plan

5 Sales Analysis Software Providers for Your Business posted in Analytics & Reporting

learn more about sales analysis software

How to Create Predictive Sales Reports for Smarter Selling posted in Analytics & Reporting

find sales reporting platforms for small business

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5 Traits of a Good Data Analyst

posted in Analytics & Reporting

The purpose of data analysis is to reveal objective answers about an issue. However, effective data analysis requires the person doing the job must be curious. Broadly, the traits of […]

How to Create a Cyber Monday Strategy for Your Business

posted in Analytics & Reporting

Since its conception in 2005, Cyber Monday has brought in billions of dollars from online consumers all over the world. This makes it the perfect time for your business to capitalize on […]

Six Sigma vs. Lean — What is the Difference?

posted in Analytics & Reporting

Achieving maximum efficiency and maintaining high quality standards is something most businesses strive for. One system that helps companies reach their expectations is Six Sigma. Originally created by Motorola in […]

How to Correctly Measure Marketing Effectiveness

posted in Analytics & Reporting

To measure marketing effectiveness, you might track response rates such as click-throughs, requests for more information, or something else that tells you someone has seen your information and wants to […]

How to Track Cold Calls to Increase Sales

posted in Analytics & Reporting

If your sales team does any cold calling, you definitely don’t want to leave money on the table. The best way to maximize your efficiency is to track the results […]

What Is Six Sigma and How Can You Benefit From It?

posted in Analytics & Reporting

Six sigma is a system designed to help businesses improve their processes, minimize errors, and provide customers with the best possible products. It utilizes methodologies to make operations more effective […]

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