Lead Generation Tools: Using Marketing Channels to Your Advantage

lead generation

When utilizing various marketing channels to drive targeted traffic to home or sales pages, many marketers fail to fully capitalize on their efforts.

Here are three effective ways to use marketing resources to maximize your number of leads.

1. Create valuable content.

One of the first steps of turning someone into a prospective lead is to gain their attention by demonstrating value of what your business brings to the table. This might include educating people about your industry and offering insights that competitors cannot. To get this information across, you need the right outlets where it can be easily absorbed.

Blog posts are one way to accomplish this, and following some basic SEO guidelines should bring a considerable amount of exposure. Presentations are another possibility that have grown in popularity because of the visual element they provide. SlideShare is a good platform for presentations because of its high volume of visitors and low bounce rate.

When creating content on one or more of these channels, you should have an understanding of what your audience wants and needs. Whether it’s helping them solve a problem or simply providing entertainment, your content should address those needs so your audience will explore it in depth.

2. Create a data collection form.

The next step is to effectively capture consumer information so you can learn about each person and contact them later. A data collection form is ideal because you can gather details like names, email addresses, telephone numbers, and business names. This should provide everything you need to generate leads and potentially convert these leads into customers.

Because there can be a disparity in terms of how much information is collected in a form, it’s important to know how much to ask for. Not enough fields on a form and you can end up with low quality leads. Too many fields and you risk having hardly anyone taking the time to fill it out. According to HubSpot, you should ask for enough information to contact the lead and still qualify them.

3. Integrate forms in the right places.

While there is no exact science for choosing the position of a form, it’s usually best to keep them above the fold for blog posts. This makes it so a person doesn’t have to scroll down the page to view the form, which should increase leads. For presentations and other channels, it’s often best to provide some valuable content and let consumers get settled in before asking for their information. This should establish rapport and develop some level of authority before they give you their information.

By putting forth a bit more effort, you can get even more out of your marketing channels by turning them into lead generation tools. Many times, this can result in high quality leads that already have an interest in your products or services. This means you can have more of an overall impact in your campaign and maintain a steady flow of targeted leads, which should ideally have a positive effect on sales. [cf]js[/cf]

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