Comparing Your Lead Management Software Options

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Lead generation and management are two of the most important aspects of business. Whether your company is large or small, it should be your goal to effectively manage your leads and turn the highest percentage possible into conversions. This is important for meeting short-term sales quotas and the overall success of your business. One common option for streamlining this process is lead management software. Check out how it works as well as some of the top products on the market.

How it Works

The main purpose of this software is to maximize the number of leads that turn into conversions. By providing your business with the right tools and organizational structure, you can capitalize on qualified leads and minimize wasted time on unqualified leads. According to HubSpot, only 50 percent of leads are ready to buy immediately. This type of software uses various forms of analytics to determine factors such as the consumer’s readiness, products or services they are most interested in, and the best approach to take.

Once you know this information, you can actively pursue those who are ready to buy and send the remainder through your lead management funnel. After analyzing data, the software will also tell you which marketing channels are bringing in the majority of your leads, equipping you with valuable data for your future efforts.

Leads 360 Express

This is one of the leading providers of lead management software, which has helped countless businesses improve their efficiency. One of the most useful features is the prioritization engine. This function allows sales representatives to identify the most qualified leads, which are then prioritized in real time and remain on a list until contact has been made. Because following up on hot leads quickly is a must, the automatic lead distribution system helps sales reps reach out within a short period of time. Leads 360 Express also comes with a cloud-based app, which allows employees to access it from mobile devices. This makes it possible to stay in the loop anywhere, anytime.

Vanilla Soft

Another popular product, which is primarily designed for phone selling, is Vanilla Soft. This company prides itself on its simplicity and ability to cater to multiple industries. The real-time management dashboard provides continually updated statistical graphs for each campaign. The appointment setting feature offers calendars for each campaign, which makes it easy to schedule phone calls. And intelligent call recording saves every phone call for up to three months. You can search by call date, call result, and salesperson.

Active Internet Marketing (AIM)

While employing many of the same features as the aforementioned products, Active Internet Marketing places more of an emphasis on nurturing leads. AIM’s software strategically routes each lead to the proper sales representative, increasing the chances of closing sales. A key feature of this software is the option to create and test landing pages designed to effectively reach target audiences. Also, the Lead Attention Meter visibly shows leads that haven’t been contacted and are close to being lost. Finally, the in-depth analytics system provides a firsthand look into each salesperson’s performance, the overall success of each campaign, and financial reports.

Lead management software has made vast improvements over past generation and conversion techniques. The variety of features helps determine lead value and best courses of action, saving time and increasing productivity. And the capabilities of cloud computing provide further accessibility, enabling you to capitalize on even more leads. While each specific type of software has its own individual features, many features overlap. Consequently, most products operate on the same premise, and choosing the right software for your business will ultimately depend upon personal preferences and needs.

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