5 Features to Improve Your Business Email Service

Improve Business Email Service

When looking for a business email provider, its important to explore a number of factors, as not all email services are the same. While some may be top of the line, others may be spam magnets. Knowing what to look for in an email provider can help you stay at the top of your game. Check out some important features to consider when choosing your email provider.

Daily Backup

Often, no one sees a hardware malfunction coming until it’s too late. One day, a shared drive is there, the next, the server has crashed and there’s quite a mess on your hands. For this reason, among many others, daily backups are important. This is especially true in HIPAA compliant offices or government contracts, where data storage may be required by contract.

Having an email provider who furnishes daily backups can help your business ensure that data is never lost. It automatically creates backups of your emails, so even if a server crashes, or human error causes a wide range of emails to be deleted, you can recover them from the data backups without having to start from scratch.

Virus Protection

One bad virus can be an office catastrophe. As each email comes in, you’ll want virus protection to ensure that the attachments aren’t knowingly or unknowingly infected with malware. Having virus protection quarantines malware before it can take over, and keeps your office that much more secure.

Spam Protection

You’re busy and receive enough emails in your day. You don’t need a bevy of unwanted offers mixing in with client emails. Protecting your inbox from spam with efficient, intelligent and adaptable spam filters can help your company make sure all the right emails are getting to you and your employees. Let a spam filter handle the work of sorting your emails.


Check your pockets. Chances are, you’ve got a smartphone there. And chances are, you’re not always at your desk when an important email arrives. Having Activesync on your mobile devices, whether tablet, smartphone or personal assistant, keep the same inbox on every device. No more looking for an email on one device only to discover it was downloaded to another. With Activesync email, you can be logged on from multiple devices, and make system-wide changes to your inbox whenever you need.

Push Email

Push email is always on. There’s no need to refresh, refresh, refresh when it comes to waiting on an important email to come. With push email features, your email arrives at your device just as or shortly after it comes in. Rather than refresh, you can simply look down at the homescreen of your smartphone and see if it’s arrived. It can help save time in the longrun, as you won’t be visibly checking your email in a client meeting. Instead, the buzz of your phone on vibrate can let you know when to check for an important email. Most phones, such as the iPhone, even have different buzzes to differentiate between an incoming email and an incoming text.

A great business email service is an important step in having a great business. So when shopping for a great email service, keep these features in mind and keep your company at the top of its game.

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