6 Best Time Tracking Apps That Will Increase Your Productivity

Best time saving apps

At the end of the day, do you wonder where all the time went? You’re not alone. Most of us have only a vague idea of how much time we spend on the professional and personal tasks we tackle in a 24 hour period. Unfortunately, unaccounted for time could mean lost revenue.

A time-tracker app could be the answer. This not only helps capture lost time (and money) it can help you catapult your productivity.

Here are six time management apps we think lead the pack.

1. Chrometa

Best time tracking apps
What makes the time tracking app Chrometa a stand-out is the way it captures your time as you plug away on your computer. It automatically records your software usage, like how long you spent on Facebook, the length of time you spent drafting a proposal, working a spreadsheet or emailing a client. No clicking start or stop; you don’t have to tell Chrometa a thing.

If you step away from the computer to do something else, like grab a bite to eat or attend a meeting, Chrometa will prompt you to log your “down time” once you return. At the end of the day, you’ll want to review Chrometa’s summary, timeline and graph of your time usage.

Log on to Chrometa at the start of your day and let the app do all the dirty work. Time tracking couldn’t be any easier.

2. PayMo

best time tracking apps
PayMo is like your personal business center. The app offers time tracking, invoicing and a handful of project management features and we love how easy it is to use. And we aren’t the only ones. According to its website, PayMo has already helped track over 11.4 million hours. Plus PayMo offers lots of add-ons that boost its value as a time tracking and billing app.

If you’re on a tight budget you’ll be glad to know that PayMo offers a free plan that allows for unlimited clients and reports and includes idle time detection. However, you’re only allowed to generate one invoice per month. If you need more robust features, PayMo offers Basic and Premium plans.

3. Cube Anywhere

Best time tracking apps
Business owners, managers, freelancers and the like will want to get to know Cube because it makes managing time, projects and teams practically effortless. As the name implies, Cube Anywhere lets you access your account and all its data right from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Make no mistake, with Cube Anywhere you’re fully connected all the time, and that’s a major plus for today’s highly mobile worker.

Simply login to Cube Anywhere by using your Google, Google Apps, Yahoo or AOL account, and you’ll be up and running in less time than it takes to order an espresso. Use Cube Anywhere to connect with data stored with GitHub, Twitter and other Cloud-based applications and view and report your time and expenses right from Google Talk.

Cube Anywhere is a powerful tool for team managers who can create project teams, assign tasks and even approve (or reject) time and expenses. Its dashboard screen offers all of your vital business information, like calendars, project deadlines and clients information, so you’ll stop wasting time jumping from app to app.

4. Toggl

best time tracking apps
One of Toggl’s best features is it incredibly clean, uncomplicated, intuative design. It’s simple lovely to look at and easy to use. Fill in a memo about the task at hand, then start and stop time tracking with one click. If you forget to click, don’t fret. Use Toggl’s manual mode and capture unrecorded time. Then tag and organize your time entries and you’ve created a dynamic overview of your day. Toggl’s straight forward reports (Summary, Detailed and Weekly) answer that nagging question: Where did all my time go?

With about half a million users and growing quickly, Toggl is an app we’re putting in our time management toolbox.

5. Freckle

Best time saving apps
The Freckle interface is so bright, friendly and fun, you’ll look for reasons to use its amazing features. And it has plenty. One of which is the way it allows you to view your workday: in sharp looking 15 minute graphic chucks that show you the programs you used, and for how long. If you took a break and forgot to track it, Freckle brings that oversight to your attention. As you’d expect, Freckle tracks your time when you’re online, but it also captures moments when you’re off the Net and syncs to the Cloud once your Internet connection is restored.

Freckle provides an amazing billing feature that allows you to quickly create invoices from Freckle timesheets and allows you a number of ways to send or share the invoice, including the ability to email, print, or download it as a PDF. In an incredibly smart move, the developers of Freckle included a PayPal payment option so you can accept credit and debits cards and of course payments from PayPal accounts. We love the simplicity.

6. OfficeTime

Best time tracking apps
OfficeTime is a stylish cross platform time tracking application that offers detailed time tracking and time management features plus a powerful built-in invoicing feature that makes it the most well-rounded apps of its kind.

OfficeTime is loaded with features. A few we find particularly handy include the ability to export any screen to Excel or your chosen spreadsheet. And when it’s time to find out what your teams have been up to, you’ll easily discover stats like which team projects are on track, over budget, or have recently been completed. OfficeTime also provides you with the tools to generate any number of customizable reports and offers template-driven invoice generation that allows you to customize your invoices in just minutes.

Instead of a monthly fee, you purchase OfficeTime for a flat rate. If at any time within 120 days of purchase you’re not satisfied with OfficeTime you’ll be refunded in full.

As much as we’d like, the day can’t get any longer; but a time tracking app can help you make the most of it. If you’re looking to improve productivity, streamline your life, and boost revenue we suggest you give a one of these tracking apps a try.

Cosette Jarrett

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