A Business Phone System Can be Functional and Cool

how to set up a business phone system

A robust business phone system can be a lifeline for any small to medium sized business. The SMB cannot rely on the Internet alone for their communications needs, so a quality phone system is a must. This allows clients the option to contact a business via telephone, as well as gives employees a way to make sales calls.

Additionally, some innovative new features in business phone systems offer an extra measure of functionality that may be worth spending a little more on each month. Let’s take a look at some of these cool features from business phone providers.

Visual Voicemail makes Phone Message Management Easier

Visual voicemail (VVM) is business phone system feature offered by many providers. This interface for managing voicemails first became popular on the iPhone and is also found on the Android platform, most notably with the Google Voice app. Gradually, similar functionality began to be ported over to landline phone systems.

VVM allows users to get a better handle on the junk phone messages that clog up many mailboxes. The contents of a phone mailbox can be navigated easily, with important messages saved for future reference and spam messages summarily sent to the trash bin. Adding VVM to a business phone plan makes sense to allow employees a measure of efficiency as part of their daily routine.

Anonymous Call Rejection keeps out the Spam

While visual voicemail helps users easily delete phone spam, anonymous call rejection (ACR) prevents it from clogging up voicemail boxes in the first place. Anonymous call rejection is a standard feature with most business phone plans.

Simply put, if a caller blocks their Caller ID information from being transmitted with their call, the phone system prevents that call from ringing at the business. The caller normally receives a message letting them know that they have to turn on their Caller ID info before their call will be allowed to ring. While ACR is a useful feature for many businesses, some organizations, especially brick and mortar or catalog retail establishments, may not want to filter out any incoming calls, as they may lose a potential sale.

Simultaneous Ring helps when there is No Receptionist

Smaller businesses without a full-time receptionist benefit from adding simultaneous ring to their business phone plan. Any incoming calls are automatically routed to every phone in the office, and the first one to answer the call gets connected. It is also possible on some systems to restrict which phones receive a simultaneous ring signal, so the boss doesn’t have to be disturbed by every incoming call.

Audio Conferencing facilitates Business Meetings

Some business phone providers offer audio conferencing features, which is a boon for the SMB that needs to host business meetings with clients or other remote personnel within the same company. Attendees can dial-in remotely on their own phone, and those in the office are able to leverage their own handset or a conference room phone with multiple microphones. Some phone systems also add a web conferencing feature to the equation which allows for the sharing of documents and other materials during a meeting.

No matter the communications needs of any small company, a business phone system can provide a host of cool features and functionality to support that SMB. Be sure to check out the Business Bee BuzzGrid for Business Phone to get a better feel for the available phone plans and the features they offer.

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