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Many businesses cite email as their primary and preferred method of communication with and for their workers, which is why choosing a quality small business email provider is vital to the success of your company. Email providers should be reliable, provide security for data, offer protection from spam and viruses and have optimal storage capabilities. While obtaining a free email service such as Gmail is quick and easy, a free provider may not fulfill your business’s needs and be limited in their functionality, so it is probably worth using a hosted email service.

Before investing in a provider, you should compare several different solutions using the BusinessBee BuzzGrid, which gives you a clear breakdown of the best providers’ most important features, storage capabilities, and costs.

Here are some important features to look for when comparing different provider options.

Excellent Backup Capabilities

According to, “just one hour per month of [an email system’s] unexpected downtime can cost a typical organization more than $250,000 a year.”

Even brief email outages can cause hiccups in sales, dips in productivity, miscommunication with customers, and the loss of important data. The business email service provider you choose should provide automatic system upgrades, protection from harmful viruses and spam, daily data backups, and support to get you back up and running as soon as possible if there is an outage. Many services now use the Cloud for data storage, allowing you to retrieve data from anywhere if needed. You may also want to pick a provider that has phone support with customer service representatives to help with any immediate issues.

Syncing with Mobile Devices and Collaboration

Many email providers, such as EarthLink Business, collaborate with Microsoft Outlook creating a Shared Hosted Microsoft Exchange, and providing a variety of options to choose from based on your business needs. This combines the two services in one domain to create a powerful, cost-effective option. Your email solution should be able to sync up your calendars, contacts, and email. EarthLink utilizes ActiveSync for mobile devices, so you and your employees can check email and conduct business on-the-go. Choose a provider that will easily integrate with your software and your business’s security requirements.

A Variety of Package Options and Prices  

You should never feel limited with your email provider; whatever option you choose should provide several package options as well as the ability to upgrade as your business changes and grows. You can choose from a basic webmail service, a Microsoft Exchange service as mentioned above, and a hybrid service. You can always start with a free trial or a pay-by-month option and upgrade once you’re sure the provider is the best one for you, but make sure it provides you with the flexibility to change packages if you need to.

Choosing a business email provider is simple when you use the BusinessBee BuzzGrid to compare your options. Make sure the email service can grow alongside your business while providing you with flexibility and a variety of package options. Be sure it offers mobile capabilities, integration with your business’s systems and other software, clearly outlines its security measures and privacy policy, and backs up data to protect from system crashes.

Sarah Teczar

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