Why Buying a Cheap Dedicated Server Will Cost You in the Long Run


There are a lot of ways businesses can save time and money, but one route you don’t want to take is a cheap dedicated server.

While out of the box it might seem like a great idea, and even have many of the same specs as their competitors, it’s definitely buyer-beware terrain. Businesses should have severs that are accessable whenever and wherever you need them.

What is the cost?

Quite simply, the cost of a cheap dedicated server is lost time and lost money. This is both in the sense of the adage “time is money,” but also in the sense of repairs and replacements. Your dedicated server is important. This is whether you need it for email, web hosting or intra-office networking.

What you don’t want is slow loading times on your website. What you don’t want is an email sent out five minutes too late. What you don’t want is the shared drive to collapse, endangering a huge project.

This holds true whether you’re looking to host in-house or on the Cloud. On the Cloud especially, you’ll want reliability, whether it’s in the server itself or in the customer service when something goes wrong. After all, any sort of outage is lost productivity. If the IT support at the other end is indifferent or incompetent, the price tag suddenly skyrockets beyond what you may have thought you were getting into with the cheap option.

What you do want?

When searching for an in-house dedicated server, look not only at the software specifications of the server, but also at the company’s reputation. Cheap computing isn’t always good computing, and many hardware companies have staked their reputation on building a quality product. Search through reviews of the computer, consult articles by industry experts and do the right research to make sure your new server is more A+ than ACME.

When looking at an off-site dedicated server, it holds true just as much. While there can be cheap dedicated server options that are good server options, there will be just as many, if not more, lousy options that are the equivalent of burning your money.

This is where company reputation matters most, and putting the footwork into your research will pay off in the end. Is a dedicated server cheap because they’ve scaled their products to the needs of small businesses, or is it cheap because of flimsy hardware, non-existent customer service, poor performance and inadequate connectivity? If the options at your price level have poor reputations, maybe it’s time to re-think your budget, and put more resources into good dedicated servers. The payoff will be stable performance, quickly addressed issues and, most important, happy customers.

When it comes to next steps, you may want secondary support, and that’s where dedicated business IT support can come in. Use the BusinessBee BuzzGrid to compare IT support providers and find the one that will work best for your business.
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David Wenz

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  • Robert Davidson

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