Why Hybrid Storage Is Ideal for Small Businesses

hybrid storage

Finding a reliable yet affordable storage system is critical for businesses looking to back up data and have convenient access to it.

One solution that’s caught on is hybrid storage, which incorporates elements of a hard disc drive (HDD) and a solid state drive (SSD). By taking the strengths of each storage system and minimizing the weaknesses, it can yield major benefits.

Here are some specific reasons why a hybrid system is ideal for small businesses.

Increased Efficiency in Accessing Data

When storing information, it’s common for some data to be accessed more than other data. This storage system will place frequently used data on an SSD and lesser used data on an HDD. This technique is advantageous because the performance is significantly better than strictly using an HDD. At the same time, you can hold more data than you could when only using an SSD. This means your business can accumulate a massive volume of data and quickly access it.

Affordability for Businesses with Limited Budgets

Hybrid storage is also a cost-effective option for small businesses that need results but have a limited budget. Using an SSD may mean great performance, but it also comes with a hefty price tag that’s out of many business owners’ price range. While they are much smaller than an HDD, the cost per gigabyte can really add up. An HDD is affordable but has limited performance and is somewhat bulky. Because an HDD uses spinning discs, they can only go so fast and can take up a considerable amount of space. Although you will probably pay a bit more with a hybrid system than you would with an HDD, the increased performance justifies it. This way you get the speed of an SSD and the storage capabilities of an HDD for a reasonable price.

Safety and Backup Features

The last thing you want to deal with is having your data jeopardized and potentially lost. A hybrid system should give you peace of mind because many utilize replication and automatic backups to keep everything fully protected. One interesting feature is a storage snapshot where all changes are updated. In the event of an error or system malfunction, you can expect a quick recovery in which no important data is lost.

Highly Scalable

Although your business may be considered small and have limited customers for the time being, it’s common to experience growth over the course of a few years. Consequently, it’s important to have a system that can grow in its storage capabilities along with your business. This should also come without any disruptions that could adversely affect operations. With a hybrid system being able to conveniently add drives, it’s easy to increase storage capacity as your business grows.

Minimal Energy Usage

An HDD can hold a substantial amount of data, but it uses a lot of energy. Due to its large size, it naturally drains energy and generates plenty of heat. A hybrid system is much more compact and tends to conserve energy.

For business owners who want performance without breaking the bank, hybrid storage is a great choice. By utilizing this system, you can safely store data and ensure that daily operations run smoothly. This means team members can get more done and you can keep customers happy.

Nick Mann

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