4 Reasons Cloud Storage is the Smarter Solution for Your Small Business

cloud storage better solution for your business

Losing data is something no business owner should have to deal with. Unfortunately, external hard drives and even the most reliable backup systems can become damaged or misplaced. This is why many small business owners have switched from storing data on hard drives to utilizing cloud storage. Here are four major benefits to using cloud computing over traditional storage solutions for your small business.

1. Cloud-Based Backup Is More Reliable

Cloud computing basically means you’re storing your data on the Internet as opposed to the hard drive in your computer. This makes it easier to manage and share content and provides a more reliable backup system. Many small business owners decide to back up their data to an external or portable hard drive, with the belief that this is the easiest and most effective solution. However, external hard drives are not as reliable as you might think.

According to an article in PCMag, a reputable Canadian government agency recently misplaced both a USB key and a portable hard drive containing the social security numbers of more than 580,000 people. Imagine the damage to your business if a similar scenario occurred. You can easily avoid situations like these by using the cloud. Because the data is not on a physical device, you cannot misplace or damage it. And you can access the information at any time, from anywhere.

2. Conserve Resources So Your Business Can Grow

Cloud storage is ideal for small to midsize businesses because it’s a solution that will save you resources and money. Unlike typical computer software, using the cloud doesn’t require you to pay for the following: a software manufacturer or host server services fees, online backup services, personnel to maintain servers and perform troubleshooting, and equipment installation. You only need to pay for the right to use the vendor’s software, which acts as a channel for the Internet. Once you sign on, you will be able to access all the data you need.

3. Make It Easier for Your Clients

Your customers and clients will find cloud computing makes conducting business with you easier because all parties can access the data they need from virtually anywhere. For example, cloud computing software can allow your customers to open a ticket for their problem or question. The software grants access to multiple parties so the question can be quickly passed on to one of your service representatives. It also makes assisting customers easier for your employees because they can access and share information relating to the specific questions or problems your customers have.

4. Combine Solutions to Help Store More Data

If you’re not ready to make the full transition to cloud storage, consider a hybrid solution that can store more data. Even small businesses acquire a large amount of data, which takes up a lot of space. Small businesses tend to use large data sets and a hybrid system that combines local and cloud backup offers terrific flexibility and faster uploading speeds. With typical Internet connections, it takes much longer to upload documents and files than it takes to download them. With a hybrid system, you can maximize your efficiency by choosing when to use each component, which can save bandwidth and increase speed.

Cloud storage is the best solution for small businesses because it prevents the loss of important data, saves resources, is a more reliable way of backing up data, and helps you better serve your customers. You’ll be able to access and store your data more efficiently, allowing your business to prosper.

Sarah Teczar

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