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How to Cut the Cost of Your Data Storage with Cloud Backup

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Over time, increasing amounts of active data stored in the Cloud can add up to significant costs. IT executives faced with tight budgets can implement strategies to prioritize which data […]

What am I Paying for When I Sign Up for Cloud Storage?

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When a small to medium sized business (SMB) considers signing up for a Cloud storage service, sometimes the pricing structure can cause some shock and confusion. While Cloud based services […]

3 Reasons App Developers Should Consider Virtual Data Storage

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Cloud servers are a smart choice for app developers and other software businesses. Safe, accessible storage of your company’s product and intellectual property is critical to a thriving business. Taking […]

5 Essential Things Your Small Business Should Look for in Cloud Service Providers

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According to Forbes, half of U.S. businesses now Cloud services in their daily operations. With effective data storage solutions for small businesses in numerous industries, it’s no surprise that it’s catching […]

How to Know if an In-House Data Center is Right For Your Business

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Until recently, most businesses managed their own data center. As technology has evolved and Cloud based storage systems became a more secure and affordable option, companies are starting to outsource […]

Ways to Go Green With Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing offers a way to access to the company server when employees are on-the-go. But with the technology comes some tremendous impacts. The servers at data centers require a […]

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