How Switching to Business VoIP Can Save Your Company Money

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a telecommunication technology that keeps gaining momentum and many businesses have made the switch already, leaving behind their former telephone system. Besides offering a wealth of features and providing business owners with added convenience, there are also financial savings that come with VoIP.

Here are some of the main ways that switching to business VoIP can save you money.

Unlimited Long Distance Calls

In today’s increasingly globalized world, it’s common for businesses to frequently make long distance calls. Unless you’re strictly communicating with customers and business partners locally, paying the long distance costs of a traditional phone line can quickly add up. VoIP technology is beneficial because you are free to make as many long distance calls as you need without racking up a ridiculous phone bill. By communicating via the Internet, you can make a call to another state just as easily as you could across town.

Lower International Calling Costs

If you find yourself making calls to other countries to speak with manufacturers and distributors, it’s easy to accrue some expensive costs. VoIP is a nice alternative because you can greatly reduce the amount you spend on international calls. Because you’re using an Internet connection to place calls instead of a traditional phone line, you can speak with people in other countries for a fraction of the price. Many providers also offer conferencing and videoconferencing so you can communicate with multiple parties at the same time. This helps to streamline communication and can save you some serious money over the course of a year.

Save Money When Traveling

Perhaps a less obvious advantage is the money you can save while on the road. By plugging in a VoIP adapter or router into your hotel room’s Internet connection, you can use your phone just like you would in the office. That way you never have to miss important phone calls and you have access to all the features you need to effectively run your business. In case you have mobile workers who telecommute, softphones can be used so your calls can be received on mobile devices. All it requires is a softphone app such as Bria, which can be downloaded to iPhones and Androids. If mobility is important, VoIP gives you the edge without a big price tag.

Free Future Upgrades

As with many forms of technology, most phone systems require periodic updates and maintenance for optimal performance. Business VoIP is a more cost-effective option because you’re not responsible for future upgrades. Instead, the vendor will cover the cost and you should have always have access to top of the line equipment.

Low Cost or Free Technical Support

In the event that there is a system malfunction or you encounter errors, the vendor will also fix these problems. Any quality provider will have a team of skilled support staff on hand to immediately resolve any issues so you don’t have to worry about it. Many offer this at little to no extra charge so you’re not stuck with the expense and any downtime should be minimal. On the other hand, using a traditional phone system can mean you end up with costly repairs that come out of pocket.

Running a business can be expensive, so cutting back on overhead costs is important. Business VoIP can not only be a huge asset to your business in terms of features, but can slash your communication costs significantly. This means you should still have everything you need to operate, while decreasing your overhead costs.

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